Red, red, we love red hair color!

Despite all the sometimes not in good fun ribs directed at red heads, the fact remains that as genetic rarity, they do get noticed. Most men will privately admit that they have some level of attraction for the crimson haired, and others are out and out obsessed. But what if you weren’t blessed with copper tresses? A Cut Above has the coloring expertise as the top hair salon in Las Vegas to pull off even the darkest of brunettes into brilliant reds.

Now, we can only work miracles with your hair, we can’t give you the alabaster skin tone, or the freckles that often make up the attraction package for red heads. But no matter what your natural color may be, we can have you joining the ginger crowd in short order. Of course, if you have really dark hair, or even black, the best we can do is maybe a dark auburn color. But for blondes and light brunettes, we can have you looking fiery and dare we say sexy easily. Well, even the darkest of hair can be made bright and fiery if we take the extra step of bleaching it first, but unless you have really strong and healthy hair, that’s a step to avoid.

So, do blondes have more fun? No really… Are brunettes plain and boring? Again, that’s not true. But, red heads do live up the notion that they are excited and passionate. So if this describes you, why not try the hair color to match? Or, use guys liking of something different and dare we say exotic to your advantage, and try copper colored locks. In any instance, as your hair salon in Las Vegas, we have the expertise to make you look good, no matter if you want to be like Lucy, or stay natural.

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