Looking For The Best Northwest Hair Salon

Finding a hair salon that treats you right in the northwest can seem to be an impossible task. Weeks to get an appointment, then you have to wait longer when you show up for your appointment is not a price you should pay to look good.

That’s where we are different. We have enough stylists on staff that you can get an appointment within a reasonable amount of time. Or do you have company coming into town this weekend and need to see us now? No problem, we are glad to see you on a walk in basis. But if you do walk in, then we will have to ask that you wait a while. But if you have an appointment, we’ll never make you wait (or at least a little as humanly possible).

So, if you’re tired of waiting to get an appointment, then having to wait even more once you show up for your appointment, then give us a call. We’ll get you into the chair in no time, and, if you’re a new customer, take advantage of our special 20% off special. We’re proud of the work we do, and we know once you give us a try, you won’t want to go anywhere else.


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